3 Keys to Grow & Scale Your Business in a Simpler Way

Sonya shelton

Sonya shelton

CEO & Founder

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Growing and scaling your business is really just as easy as 1-2-3! It sounds gimmicky, but it really can be that simple. The real question is “What 3 steps will best help me grow my business without adding more stress and work to my plate?”

Typically, as business owners, it feels like you have to work 10 times harder when the business is growing. And this applies even more in this current economic climate. Some business owners are working harder than ever just to get back to where they were before. It can be frustrating and overwhelming. Stress and overwhelm can cloud future-planning and soon your “to do” list seems endless. 

How can you not feel overwhelmed? Clients come to ELC because they want a simple way to grow their business – without putting in a lot more hours to get it done.

In truth, the real work takes place somewhere you may not be looking. The real work doesn’t take place in sales, or operations, or human resources. The real work starts with YOU – it takes place in your head. While you may be the “control center” for your business, your mind is your “control center.” You want this center of control to be clear, orderly, intentional and always progressing in order to grow your business efficiently and without overwhelm.

We created the Millions By Design system specifically to simplify the growth process. We use just 3 simple keys to unlock your business growth – ClarityFocus and Momentum. When you work on these 3 steps, you eliminate the stress and overwhelm that comes from growing and scaling your business. 

Key #1 – CLARITY

The best way to get started today is to take a few minutes to get Clarity about what you want. How much do you want to grow your business in the next year… or even in the next 90 days? Get really clear.

It’s interesting that most entrepreneurs spend a tremendous amount of time reacting to things. Especially in uncertain times like these, most business owners are in constant reaction mode. You’re constantly fighting fires and reacting to everything that’s happening with your team, with your customers and in the marketplace. 

You react to payroll, and you react to inventory. You react to industry changes and economic changes. You react to your team and customers that need help. And with all this reacting, you rarely have time to think about what’s really important: growing and scaling your business. The crazier things get, the more overwhelmed we get. And that leads to looking for quick-fix solutions with no business strategy behind them, which ultimately leads to more chaos and overwhelm.

That’s why the first key in Millions By Design is Clarity. First, we want to get a clear picture of what you want. What are your goals for the next year? What’s the total revenue you want? What’s your profit? How many hours are you working a year from now?

Key #2 – FOCUS

Once you have Clarity, we create a map from where you are now to where you want to be. Then, that’s where we Focus.  

Entrepreneurs and business owners love to do new things. There’s even a term for it: “shiny object syndrome.” This puts you even further into reactive mode, and you lose focus. You get so busy fighting fires and doing new things that you just move from one thing to the next with no strategy behind it. This can become even more amplified in a challenging economy.

When your priority list grows, your revenue growth declines. Jim Collins, author of the book Good to Great, says, “If you have more than 3 priorities, you don’t have any.” 

The more you try to do, the less you actually accomplish. So, if you want to grow your business or even just recover in this current climate, you need to focus. 

When you focus on just a few priorities, or even just one simple thing, you can make better use of your resources. You also want to eliminate the roadblocks that get in the way. This allows you to work as much or as little as you want while significantly increasing your results.


Once you have Clarity about your goals and you know where to Focus your resources, then you can start to build Momentum and really grow and scale your business.

Instead of chasing new, bright, shiny objects, we keep building on what works. We look at those activities that have had the most success and we do more of them. As momentum builds, we can more quickly identify the blocks that get in our way and eliminate them as fast as possible.

To grow and scale your business with less stress and overwhelm, the Millions By Design system uses these three simple keys – Clarity, Focus and Momentum.

To get started working on the 3 keys and create a roadmap to growth, you can join our FREE 30-minute online training at MillionsByDesign.com.



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