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Leading through alignment starts with you, the leader.

Our One Vision, One Voice, One Direction framework applies to you as an individual leader too. 

High achievers understand the importance of having a coach or a mentor to help them get to the next level. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s no longer a luxury to have a coach, it’s a necessity.

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“ELC’s clear, straightforward leadership strategies provide a simple roadmap that achieves extraordinary results!”

Carol Davis-Fernald Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, The Walt Disney Company

Studies have proven that leaders and their teams perform better with coaching, and this performance translates into business results.  

Plus, coaching can help prevent leadership derailment, which some studies suggest can be as high as 33%. According to one study, coaching provided a return on investment almost six times the cost of the program.

In our executive coaching programs, we partner with you to:

  • Get clear on your personal vision and direction.
  • Assess how you’re currently creating alignment in your organization.
  • Collaborate on a plan to take your leadership to a whole new level.

Like all of our solutions at Executive Leadership Consulting, our executive coaching programs are customized to get you the best results. Let’s talk about how coaching can make a difference in your career and your organization’s performance.


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