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Can you create alignment in your organization right now?

Too often, we see people attend a workshop like an “event.” Sure, they learn something new or are reminded of something they’ve learned before. But then it’s back to business as usual. We want you and your organization to get more value for your investment.

Change requires action

That means it needs to resonate with your organization and be relevant to what’s happening right now. So we partner with you to ensure our workshops are specifically designed to meet your needs so you get actionable results.

Your goals are our goals

Our workshops are highly interactive and built around your goals. We want your organization to leave with both knowledge and a plan to start implementing as soon as they walk out the door.

We tailor workshops for your organization

Because you’re taking time away from your business, we want you to get the best value for your team. We can customize the content, length of the workshop and even the delivery method (virtual or in-house).

Workshops Offered

Leading through Alignment: One Vision, One Voice, and One Direction

Leadership is about creating alignment. Just like a car, if your team is out of alignment, it can veer off course and waste time, money, and resources.

In “Leading through Alignment,” you’ll discover how to:

  • Create a compelling shared vision.
  • Communicate in a way that inspires your team to greater performance and outstanding results.
  • Align every activity, decision, and process to make the vision a reality faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

One Voice: The Power of Aligning Communication to Achieve Your Vision

Great leaders understand the power of communication to achieve the vision of the organization much faster. You may have heard the expression, “Great leaders win the hearts and minds of their people.” Visionary leaders inspire and motivate with effective communication.

In “One Voice,” you’ll discover:

  • 3 key qualities of powerful communication.
  • 4 criteria for aligning your communication to your vision.
  • How to use storytelling to inspire and motivate your team.
  • How to use the “water cooler” to maintain momentum.

How to Create Alignment in Times of Change

Change and uncertainty face today’s workforce more and more every day. Studies show that 70% of organizational changes fail. For most people, change is overwhelming. When change becomes too hard, it undermines the alignment you’re trying to create as a leader.

In “How to Create Alignment in Times of Change,” you’ll discover:

  • What happens in the change process and what to do about it.
  • How to define the change in a way that gains support to make it happen.
  • How to communicate the change to ensure alignment and motivation to make it happen.
  • What you need to measure to ensure you’re on track and how to proactively course correct along the way.

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