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While you may have heard the expression “great leaders win the hearts and minds of their people,” keep in mind that hearts always come first.

Hearts and Minds

Visionary leaders connect with people on an emotional level. They communicate from the heart and they motivate from the heart. People want to connect on a human level. The heart comes before the head.

So how do you win their hearts? First, go to the places they’re most comfortable. Walk around and talk to people. Find out who they are and what they do. Listen to what they have to say, and connect with them on an emotional level. Then, make the effort to continue building the relationship.

One CEO I’ve worked with eats lunch in the employee cafeteria almost every day. Sometimes he has meetings there. When he doesn’t have a meeting, he randomly chooses a table of employees to join for lunch. He finds out what’s happening in his company, and the employees are loyal and want to help him achieve his goals.



How can you connect from the heart?

What will you do today to start winning hearts and minds in your organization?


“Great leaders throughout the ages have won over the hearts and minds of people.”

~ John Kotter