Process Improvement

Leading an organization through change is hard enough. But leading an organization under a time of relentless change and volatility is a whole different beast. As technology continues to accelerate and speed and efficiency are paramount.

Don’t stay afloat. Stay ahead.

Staying resilient as industries evolve and employees demand more flexibility can seem like an impossible task. Thankfully, there is a way through: By making sure your processes align with your purpose, vision, and strategy.

ELC will show you how to embed Process Improvement and Change Management directly into your culture for the long run — because these things aren’t a one and done deal.

By focusing on your organizational processes, you can empower your teams to respond to changes and apply their learnings as they go. The result? More speed and profit. Less wasted effort, time, and money.

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of CEOs say their organization isn’t resilient enough to deal with potential future disruptions.

With ELC, you can shift the tide. We’ll audit your processes to make sure they’re connected to your goals. Your employees will be encouraged to speak up when things aren’t running smoothly. And whenever a process becomes outdated or inefficient, you’ll be able to switch things up in seconds.


Chaos doesn’t have to be a consequence of growth. Take it from the people who have relied on the Red Thread Leadership ™ model to grow their businesses.

Manuel Lujan

Former U.S. Secretary Of The Interior

“I highly recommend learning and mastering ELC’s leadership principles. Whether you work in the private or public sector, you will make a huge difference in your organization.”

Carol Davis-Fernald

Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, The Walt Disney Company

“ELC’s clear, straightforward leadership strategies provide a simple roadmap that achieves extraordinary results!”

Kristine Gardner

Consumer Marketing Technologies, Nestlé USA

“There are decisions I’ve made that I would never have been able to make had I not been working with ELC. The process is amazing. Your future has never been brighter. And I promise you working with them is something you will never regret.”

Parney Albright

President and CEO, HRL Laboratories

“ELC’s thoughtful and tailored approach has been very effective in meeting the broad spectrum of coaching needs of many of our leaders and executives.”

Bill Richardson

“ELC provides a practical and powerful guide for executives to develop exceptional organizations and effectively lead them to greatness.”

Dave W. Anderson

Founder of Famous Dave’s of America

“ELC’s simple, no-nonsense approach shows executives how to successfully take your organization’s vision from idea to reality.”

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