Become A Better Leader By Connecting To The Superpower Of Your WHY

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superpower of your WHY
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In the world of business, an inspirational and effective leader is a pilot to success. But what makes a great leader? How can you become a better leader? The answer lies in understanding and connecting with your superpower of your “WHY” — identifying what motivates you and drives your actions.
It takes more than just being an executive to lead a successful organization. It requires a deep understanding of your WHY and HOW to bring it to life to unleash WHAT people can count on you for. In short, connecting with the superpower of your why can help you become a better leader.

What’s The Power Of Your WHY?

Knowing how to connect with the power of your WHY is essential for becoming a great leader. To start, here’s what you need to do:

1. Discover What Drives You

When you take the time to learn what drives you and motivates your actions, it can greatly help in becoming a better leader. Understanding why something matters is integral to successful leadership. This can show employees that they are part of something bigger than themselves and create a sense of purpose for everyone involved.

This step also requires looking inward and understanding your strengths, challenges, values, and purpose. Once you understand yourself better, you can start to use that knowledge in leading others.

2. Explore HOW You Bring Your WHY To Life

Once you have your WHY, you can explore HOW you bring your WHY to life. Your HOW is the direction you’re going. As a leader, it’s also how you internally process information.

This is about HOW you do what you do as a leader, as a team, and as a company. What’s the route you take to deliver what you deliver?

3. Unleash WHAT People Can Count On You For

Finally, when you have connected with your WHY and your HOW, it is time to unleash it and put it into action. Your WHAT is what others can count on from you – how they experience you, your team, and your company. 

Your WHAT is your deliverable. It’s what you bring to the table and what you bring to the world. Your WHY and your HOW are internal, and your WHAT is what others experience or receive from you. What do people receive from you as a leader, your team, and your company?

The Three Tiers of Your Superpower Of WHY

Become A Better Leader By Connecting To The Superpower Of Your WHY

Not many are aware that there are three different tiers of WHY. In our Red Thread Leadership model, we take a deep dive into the three tiers, which include:

Personal WHY

All of us have an individual, personal WHY that guides our journey. This is your foundational layer and gives you the confidence to lead authentically. Your personal WHY is the source of inspiration and a way to break through challenges. It is also the starting point that fuels the next two tiers.

Team Why

The second layer is the team WHY, which is founded on the personal WHYS of each individual in the organization. Once they’ve connected to their personal WHY they can come together to discover the collective WHY — what makes them unique and powerful as a team.

Company WHY

The third layer is the organizational WHY. It’s about creating and communicating a shared vision for what your organization stands for. It’s a common purpose that can be seen in the way you work and the decisions you make.

5 Reasons Why You Should Connect With Your Superpower Of WHY

There’s a movement towards connecting with your WHY, and here’s why:

1. Prevent Work-related Stress

According to the latest Gallup report, 57% of North American employees experienced a lot of daily stress on the previous day in 2021. Connecting with your WHY reveals your passion, driving force, and motivation behind what you are doing. This can reduce stress by increasing job satisfaction and motivating employees.

2. Create Clarity & Vision

Most successful businesses where the leader is confident and excited about their WHY, have a clear vision that sets them apart from their competitors. Connecting with your WHY gives you the clarity and vision to create a meaningful direction.

3. Increase Team Effectiveness & Productivity

When everyone on the team is aligned with the same WHY, it helps the team collaborate more effectively and produce better results in less time. This common ground facilitates communication, boosts team morale, and increases team productivity.

4. Build Long-term Relationships

Your WHY is the key to building long-term relationships with customers, partners, and employees. When they understand your WHY, they are more likely to trust you and stay loyal to your company.

5. Achieve Your Goals

Having a strong WHY and connecting with it brings focus and purpose to what you do, which can help you achieve your goals faster. Plus, with a unique purpose and driver, you can not only achieve your goals but leave a lasting impression.

Here’s How To Connect With Your Superpower of WHY

As Simon Sinek insightfully stated, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

This principle and his Golden Circle Model outlined in his book “Start With Why”, served as the basis of our Why Connection Session, which is designed to help identify and nurture the WHY within yourself, your team, and your organization, faster and easier.

Your WHY is the starting point for driving success as a leader since it fuels your HOW,  which in turn leads to your WHAT. The idea is to take the time to discover what drives you and motivates your actions, explore how you bring your WHY to life and unleash what people can count on you for.

Partnering with an executive coach can be helpful in this process as they can provide the structure and guidance needed to uncover your WHY. They have the expertise you need to:

  • Break down what drives you
  • Clarify your leadership style
  • Build a personal brand that others can rally behind
  • Showcase your authentic superpower, both personally and professionally
  • Make yourself heard and understood in your personal and professional relationships.


It Takes Less than 10 Minutes To Connect To Your Why

Becoming a better leader requires connecting to your why and understanding how to breathe life into it. It is important to develop your vision, communicate it nonstop and align the organization to work together for success.

The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. With the help of your master executive coach, you can be on your way to becoming a better leader in less than 10 minutes. Unlocking your superpower is the first step on your journey to becoming a leader that your organization counts on.

Don’t wait! Take the first step today and discover your driver, direction, and deliverable for success. Unlocking your superpower allows you to lead with inspiration, drive results, and create a truly successful organization.

Connect To Your Why And Become A Better Leader Today!




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