3 Tips to Reorganize Toward Your Vision

by Sonya Shelton

When you change the vision, it’s important to ensure the structure of the organization supports the retooled vision. Reorganizing can improve integration, flexibility, and productivity in a powerful way.

If you want to achieve significant change, some structural changes will likely be necessary. It’s difficult for people to do new things in their current role since they’re in the habit of doing things the way they’ve always been done.


Here are some tips to reorganize toward your vision:

  • You can determine the level of reorganization necessary by evaluating and diagnosing the current structure.
  • You may simply need to form a new team of highly talented employees whose responsibility is to ensure the success of a particular initiative or strategy.
  • It’s also possible that you will need to reengineer the structure of the whole organization.

The key to an effective structure is to organize around activities that will achieve the vision and eliminate those that don’t work. It’s important to be mindful about reorganizing. You want to approach the task respectfully and efficiently without disrupting your business and ultimately set the organization up for success.



What can you do to ensure your organizational structure supports your vision?

How will you evaluate its effectiveness?


“When a leader’s vision clearly aligns from the individual to the team to the organization, not only is the organization unstoppable, but it’s also a great place to work.”

~ Sonya Shelton

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