Building Trust

Sonya shelton

Sonya shelton

CEO & Founder

Organizations today are facing so many challenges – uncertainty, profit pressure, The Great Resignation, remote or hybrid work environments, and high levels of burnout. According to a Harvard Business Review study, 89% of employees have experienced a decline in workplace well-being. To be successful in this challenging environment, organizations need to start with a foundation of trust in their culture. Trust is the most fundamental element in building an effective and passionate organization. To build trust, leaders need to focus on consistency and communication. Lack of either factor leads to dispassionate and resentful team members, which in turn causes a breakdown of effective leadership. This month, we are focusing on building trust. We start the process with our Trust Inside™ Assessments from Intégro.

Are your employees passionate about their work and your organization? Engagement is not enough anymore. Intégro’s research shows 78% of employees are passionate about their work and yet almost half of these engaged people are emotionally disconnected from the organization they work for. Employees who are passionate about both their work and the organization they work for are more likely to stay long term, increase customer loyalty and go the extra mile. This is what builds a High Performing Culture. 

What is the level of Alignment in your team? Most organizations rarely focus on aligning employees with the organization’s purpose, values and vision – the focus is mostly, if not totally, on goals and objectives – KPIs. The cost to an organization of failing to align leaders and employees with the purpose, values and vision is a lack of inspiration and engagement. Thankfully, you can measure the degree of alignment that currently exists quite easily. Take our Team Alignment survey to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies so you can take action. 

How agile are your leaders? Agile leaders create agile workplaces. Organizations who are not agile will not continue to be successful in this environment of uncertainty and fast-paced change. Creating an agile workplace can only be achieved with agile and flexible leaders. Flexible leaders are self-aware, yet their focus is not on themselves. They focus on others to determine what their needs are and how they can adapt to ensure mutual needs satisfaction. This approach inevitably increases the trust level between individuals. Increased agility will transform your culture and significantly improve your organization’s ability to adapt to change and serve the needs of your clients and customers. 

Trust is the most fundamental element in building an effective and passionate organization. But how do you know if your team really trusts you? Click here to download this article.



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