new ideas

5 Ways to Encourage New Ideas In Your Business

by Sonya Shelton

new ideas

Leaders create positive change. You don’t always have to be the creator or innovator, but it’s important to recognize and support good ideas. It doesn’t matter whether you came up with them or not.

The difference between your success and failure could be just one idea. Here are some ways to encourage new ideas in your workplace:

  • Talk with your team about the importance of new ideas and reward others when they share them.
  • Set aside time when everyone can be creative and let their imaginations run free.
  • Look for opportunities to break down silos and get different people together.
  • New ideas often come from the people closest to the opportunity, so be open to thoughts from all levels of the organization.
  • Most organizations don’t have a shortage of new ideas, but you need a process to assess, screen, prioritize, and execute them.

As a leader, it’s up to you to not only encourage new ideas but to expect them. Creativity and idea generation can be contagious. Once you open the door to new ideas, people will build on them and continue to keep them flowing. Your organization needs innovative ideas to keep growing, adapting, and moving in the direction of the vision.



How can you challenge the status quo?

How can you encourage others to experiment?

How will you recognize and support others’ good ideas?


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

~ Steve Jobs

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