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Connect With OthersThe Wall Street Journal reported that the executives identified as “high achievers” cared about both people and profits. Average achievers focused on production, and low achievers were most concerned about themselves.

Building relationships with people can also build success. Plus, having real relationships makes going to work every day far more enjoyable. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you can create genuine relationships.

Authenticity and emotional intelligence are critical elements of leadership. It doesn’t take much effort to show you care, and the returns are huge. People want to feel like they matter to you, and they can tell if you mean it or not. So be honest and sincere.

When you encourage others and show you care about them, you draw them forward even when they face challenges and obstacles. You will always connect with people faster if you put the focus on them instead of you. If you believe they have value, let them know. When you connect with others and show you care, they care too. They want to do a good job, and your vision becomes their aspiration.



How will you connect with other people today?

How can you make connecting with others part of how you operate every day?


“People are eager to connect with others, and most will do anything they can to feel connected.”

~ John Maxwell