Executives Build Leadership Credibility by Honoring Their Values

by Sonya Shelton

ValuesOur values can determine our beliefs and ultimately our behaviors. It’s the navigating system we use to guide our lives and determine what we will or will not accept.

Sometimes leaders say they value something, but their actions don’t reflect it. In other cases, the leaders actions are in alignment with their stated values, but they tolerate misalignment in the actions of others.

For example, when a leader says, “We treat our customers and co-workers with respect” then ignores colleagues in the hallway, they are saying they value respect, but are not honoring that value. Or perhaps the leader repeatedly receives feedback that someone on their team is rude to customers, and they don’t do anything about it. Once again, they are not honoring the value of respect.

When we honor our values, we build credibility, integrity, and trust — all of which are important to successful leadership.



How well does your organization honor its values right now?

In what practical ways can you bring more of your values into your work?


“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” ~Roy E. Disney

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