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Are You Giving Effective Feedback?

by Sonya Shelton

effective feedbackBecause managers and executives struggle with the process, feedback has developed a negative reputation. Feedback doesn’t equal criticism. Feedback is providing someone with observations that influence their performance.

Since influence is your number-one job as a leader, it stands to reason that giving feedback is an important part of your role. People want to know how they’re doing, and they want to hear it from their leaders.

Always provide feedback with the intention and attitude of serving the other person. Feedback is a gift you are sharing with them. Be specific and use examples, especially if you’re asking them to grow or change their behavior in some way. Stay focused on their behavior and not your perception of their personality, even when you want to reinforce their strengths.

It’s important to approach giving feedback with the intention of serving the other person. It’s not something to do to check the box that you’ve done it. You need to bring thoughtfulness and respect to the task. Focus on the opportunities for growth as a result of the feedback and offer solutions they can implement to become even better than they already are.



How can you give more effective feedback?

What can you do to encourage effective feedback within your organization?


“When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

~ Jack Welch

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