reward performance

5 Tips to Effectively Reward Performance

by Sonya Shelton

reward performance



Celebrate the behaviors you want to see more often. When you discourage mediocrity and reward performance, you create a high-performing culture. Strong performers need to be recognized as such, and they need to be developed even further.


Here are 5 tips to consider when rewarding great performance.

1.When most managers think of rewarding employees, they think about raises, bonuses, and perks. And you should pay special attention to those things when it comes to your highest performing employees. If they get the same annual pay increase as an average performer, they’re not going to feel rewarded.

2.   While compensation, benefits, and perks are an important part of a rewards system, they’re not the only things that motivate people. High-performing employees want to learn and grow. To reward them, provide an environment in which they love to work.

3.  When it comes to rewards and recognition, challenge your team to be creative in the way they reward their people. Celebrate milestones as a team on the road to achieving your vision. This is an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments, have fun, and create a great place to work on the journey to success.

4.  If you are not sure how to best celebrate your team’s accomplishments, don’t be afraid to ask how they would want to celebrate.

5.  Be creative and have fun with it!




What top performers on your team need to be rewarded?

How can you creatively celebrate an upcoming milestone with your team?



“You get what you reward.

Be clear about what you want to get and systematically reward it.”

~ Bob Nelson

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