How to Increase Business Performance in One Simple Move

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Increase Business performance in one simple move

With everything changing in the world around us, we could all use more simplicity. Sometimes the solution to an obstacle or roadblock can be simple, but when you’re stressed and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. 

That’s why the first key in our Millions by Design system is Clarity. Once you have Clarity about your target objective, you can Focus on what’s working well now and what worked well before.

When you get stuck in day-to-day work or overwhelmed by the unknowns and “what-ifs,” you’re not able to look ahead and plan for growth. You move from one thing to the next with no strategy behind it. This can become even more amplified in a climate of uncertainty.

At ELC, our small business clients tell us they want to grow their business, but they want to do it in a simple way. Most of them already have an established business, and they tell us they can’t seem to figure out how to continue to grow without working harder and putting in even more time and energy.

If this sounds familiar to you, know you’re not alone.  That’s why we created the Millions By Design System – to simplify the process of growing and scaling your business. 

In the Millions By Design system, the secret to simplified growth is that you already do (or have done) what you need to grow and scale your business. 

Follow the steps below to identify how to continue growing and scaling your business in a simple way.

Clarify Your Target Objective

Before we can create a growth strategy, we have to know where we’re going. 

What’s your target objective for growth? 

You can start with the next year, what do you want your revenue and profit to be? How many hours do you want to be working?

Identify What Works (Now and in the Past)

Next, you want to identify the successes of your current approach and what you’ve done in the past.

To begin, ask yourself “What’s working best in my business right now?” In this step, we want to analyze any current processes that are bringing you revenue, customers, and/or leads. 

These processes directly affect your business performance and growth. When you write out and physically see each process – you’ll be able to identify which activities and people (or roles) directly affect your business performance and could potentially affect future growth.

Then, analyze your best performances from the past. Take a look back over the past 12 months or 24 months – or really anytime you can remember. What was the best month you ever had? 

This is important. Take the time to really do this. Once you’ve found your best month, we want to look at three things:

  • How much sales volume did you do?
  • What products or services did you sell?
  • How did you sell it? (Did you run a specific ad? What promotions did you use? Did you do a direct mail piece? Did you do an online campaign?)

Do it Again

We want to identify what’s worked best so you can focus on those processes that have proven success and do more of it

Now that you’ve analyzed your best performances, figure out how you can repeat them.

When you focus on what’s working and continue to build on that, you’re able to build growth momentum and scale something you’ve already proven works.

The best way to get started today is to take a look at what’s working in your business and focus on doing more of that. It’s just that simple.

Case Study:

Here is an example of how gaining clarity and finding focus can lead you to your best success yet…

One client found the best month in the past year made $250,000 in revenue. They increased sales in that particular month through a holiday promotion which included a discount code.

To reach their target objective, this client tried doing more holiday offers. Instead of just one holiday promotion, they did a holiday promotion every month. (Yes, you can find all kinds of holidays.) And doing just that one simple thing had a huge effect on their business.

This is just one example. But in many cases, our clients are so overwhelmed and dealing with so many things that they can’t see the solution clearly.

Instead of chasing new, bright and shiny objects, keep building on what works. Look at those activities that have had the most success and do more of them.

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