Lead Your Team to Finish 2020 Strong

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Lead your team to reach goals together
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Getting everyone on the same page to move objectives and initiatives forward can be challenging. This is exacerbated by the ongoing changes and uncertainties we are living with today. But as a leader, it’s important to bring your team together and motivate them to continue working towards the greater vision. 

As difficult as times are, we know we can’t just stop and wait for things to “go back to normal.” Your business can still provide products and services others need, so there is still work to be done. To continue serving customers and clients, you need a strong, motivated team. 

Use these 3 keys to motivate your team to be their most productive, regardless of the “crises of 2020”

1. Be clear about roles, tasks, and objectives

We can all use more clarity these days. With so many changes going on around us, offering clear instruction of roles, tasks and objectives will be motivating for your team. For maximum effectiveness and productivity, each person on the team must know exactly what the vision or end-goal is and how they help to achieve that vision. When you set roles, tasks and objectives in the context of the vision, you embody the culture of achieving collective results.

So, ask yourself: “What is the vision everyone should be working towards?” If you’re not quite sure, then the work needs to begin with you. You cannot lead others before you lead yourself. You may have many responsibilities, but to be at your best, you need to lead with clarity and focus. This means prioritizing yourself and your mental health. Use these 6 Steps to Achieving Clarity to set yourself and your team up for the most success this year. 

With clarity and focus on your vision, goals and priorities, you are able to pass that clarity on to your team so they can come together under one vision and all work toward the same direction.

2. Optimize Communication

As you adapt to a virtual or virtual-hybrid work environment, you may not immediately realize the ways you are no longer connecting with your team compared to when you were in the office. Missing those passing moments in the hallways and breakroom means losing opportunities for quick questions and passing thoughts or ideas. 

To make up for this, you’ll need to review your current frequency and modes of communication. Get creative in finding ways to reach out and communicate with your team. Below are some ideas on how you can utilize different modes of communication to effectively connect with your team in a virtual environment.

Connecting the Group

  • Weekly or bi-weekly group calls can be great for everyone to check in as a group. Utilize video conferencing to see familiar faces (which can be great to combat feeling isolated) and to pick up on nonverbal cues that you would miss on a phone call. 
  • Take some time early in the meeting to share team wins and set a positive tone for the meeting. 
  • Discuss team challenges, ask questions and get feedback on any new or modified processes that had to change during the pandemic. 
  • This is also a great opportunity to reiterate the common goal and vision for the group.

Connect Individually

  • Make time to check in with team members individually. 
  • Regularly scheduled 1:1’s can be useful for problem solving and training, but you’ll also want to make more casual efforts to check in with individuals. 
  • Utilize chat or text apps to say “hi” and ask how things are going – not just in work, but in general. It doesn’t take much to show you care.

If you want more information on modes of communication, here’s the full article breaking down the strengths and best uses of each communication channel.

3. Lead with Authenticity

Encourage your team to be as transparent and authentic as they can be.  When team members are genuinely transparent and honest with one another, they are able to build vulnerability-based trust. This includes and begins with leadership.

Everyone is being affected by the events of this year, but many will suppress their challenges and pretend everything is okay. While you can’t solve all their problems, cultivating a transparent and supportive work culture will allow individuals to express their challenges when they occur. When there is trust in a team, peers are able to engage in unfiltered, constructive debates around ideas that will move the business forward.

Lead by example by expressing some of your own challenges. For example, if you are a parent and have other parents in your team, be open about some of your challenges to let them know they aren’t the only ones going through it. Ultimately, if you lead with authenticity you will gain integrity, trust, respect and credibility. When you have a culture around authenticity and trust, everyone works together with the whole team in mind.

As we go into the fourth quarter of 2020, now is the opportunity to make sure your team finishes the year strong. Need some support? Book a free strategy session with us.



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