Why Should Leaders Celebrate Success?

by Sonya Shelton

Are you taking the time to acknowledge the successes in your organization?

As executive leaders, it’s easy to get moving on the next thing before we celebrate our successes and achievements, especially the small wins. Celebration honors the work that has been done and shows gratitude to the people who do it. Don’t forget to celebrate! It’s important!

By celebrating our success, we reinforce the motivation that will carry us through the next achievement. This is important for you individually as well as for your organization. Take the time to step back and recognize the effort that went into achieving that big success or even a modest win, and do it authentically. You’ve probably seen the “going through the motions” type of celebrations in work environments that result in more rolled eyes than actual pride. Make sure you celebrate immediately and in a meaningful way. Be specific about what was accomplished, how it made a contribution, and why it’s important.

Remember to celebrate habits and qualities in addition to numbers. Send handwritten notes when you catch someone doing something right. It doesn’t take a big effort, but is hugely meaningful to people. It’s a celebration so have some fun!


What accomplishments can you celebrate?

What have others accomplished that you can celebrate?

How will you celebrate?


“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”

~ Thomas J. Peters

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