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model growth potentialThe speed of your success is dependent on both your own growth as well as the growth of those on your team. They will never grow further or faster than you do.

Most people think success comes from luck and appears in an instant, like winning the lottery. They see the results from their perspective from that moment in time. But leadership truly is something you continue to develop, every single day – a journey with no end.

Your ability begins with your own success, but your legacy begins with the success of others. As you grow and realize your own potential, you have the opportunity to help others become successful too.

Leaders develop other leaders, so growth and potential become exponential well beyond you and your tenure.

Reach out and recognize potential in others, and show an interest in their growth and development. Here are some ideas to help you out:

  • Consider the legacy you want to leave in the company.
  • How would you like to see your high-performers grow and develop to become the next leaders in the organization?
  • Create or look for projects that may offer visibility and opportunities to develop relationships.

They will be motivated and inspired by your encouragement. Then as they grow into the next leaders, you can show them how to be the model for others.


What can you do to continue to grow and realize your own potential?

How can you guide others in their growth and development?

“As you unfold your potential for greatness, you unfold the same potential in others. They will naturally turn to you for guidance and leadership in the way forward, and one day they themselves will be able to provide enlightened leadership to others.”

~ Deepak Chopra



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