Narrow Your Focus to Simplify Your Business Growth

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narrow your focus
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As business owners and executives, it’s easy to get so busy fighting fires and chasing new things that you lose focus. When you get stuck in day-to-day work, you’re not able to look ahead and plan for growth. You move from one thing to the next with no strategy behind it. This can become even more amplified in a challenging economy.

But as your priority list grows, your revenue growth declines. So, if you want to grow your business or even just recover in this current climate, you need to narrow your focus. 

At ELC, our small business clients tell us they want to grow their business, but they want to do it in a simple way. Most of them already have an established business, but they tell us they can’t seem to figure out how to continue to grow without working harder and putting in even more time and energy.

If this sounds like you, know that you’re not alone. To solve this problem, we created the Millions By Design system to do just that: Design your business to grow faster in a simpler way.

It may sound too good to be true, but we have proven that it IS possible.

Narrow Your Focus to Eliminate Roadblocks – Case Study

Here is an example of how narrowing focus can lead you to your best success yet: 

One client came to us looking to simplify her approach to growing her business. She told us she felt like she had to work 10 times harder to see only about 10% in growth, and it wasn’t matching up. 

In her free Focus Finder Session, our very first conversation, she explained that after being in business for 5 years and growing to over $1 million in revenue, she saw that even with her best efforts sales were declining. She knew the business had all the potential to continue to grow, but she didn’t have a clear vision of where the business was going and why. So, our first step was to work on a clear target objective.

With clarity on her goals for the business, we determined the area of the business that needed the most focus was sales. 

Next, we discussed what could be getting in the way of reaching her goal. What roadblocks caused the decrease in sales?  Through this process, she said the biggest thing getting in the way of making her goal was the sales team wasn’t closing enough.

Great! We’ve defined the biggest roadblock and now we can figure out what’s causing it. Why isn’t the sales team closing enough?

The source of your roadblock is very, very important. At this point, we want to get to the root cause of the issue, so don’t be afraid to dig deep.

At first glance, she thinks the sales team just isn’t trying hard enough. But how do we know? We need to look at the facts.

In this scenario, we know two key factors impact a salesperson’s ability to close: they need leads and they need to have an effective sales conversation. Now, we can problem solve. 

We started by looking at these two areas. How many leads does the sales team get every month or even every day? Maybe they’re not getting enough leads, and if we increased the number of leads, they could close more sales. Or maybe they’re getting hundreds of leads and they just aren’t closing. At that point, we would want to take a look at their sales process and potentially do more training.

For this client, she though the issue was with the sales team, but the facts showed that the sales team needed more leads. Then, we knew where to focus.

After improving their lead generation process, this client saw her business build growth momentum – and she didn’t have to work 10 times harder.

This is just one example. But in many cases, our clients are overwhelmed and dealing with so many things that they can’t see the solution. And it could literally be that simple.

How to Narrow your Focus Today

  1. You want to get clear about your objective. What is your target?
  1. Take a look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. This gap becomes your primary focus.
  1. Take a deep dive into what’s getting in the way of you and your company reaching your goal. What are the roadblocks?
  1. Once you’ve defined your biggest roadblock, you want to find out what’s causing it using the facts. Identifying the root cause of your roadblock is critical.

The best way to get started on this today is to define your business’ objective and your biggest roadblock. Look at the facts of what’s causing it. Then, enlist your team to work on fixing it. 

If you’re still not sure what your biggest roadblock is and you’re really serious about growing your business now, join our FREE online training at, where you can get more tools to get Clarity, Focus and Momentum so you can grow and scale your business without stress and overwhelm.



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