never stop learning

The Most Effective Leaders Never Stop Learning

by Sonya Shelton

never stop learning


Great leaders are great learners. Getting feedback from others allows you to continue to learn and grow. Just like you want your team and your organization to improve, you also want to improve yourself. Ask others for feedback on a regular basis.

Some leaders make the mistake of thinking they need to have all the answers. Successful leaders never stop learning — especially from their mistakes. Three little words extraordinary leaders are not afraid to use: “I was wrong.” Learning requires keeping an open mind, listening, and exploring.

For leaders, it’s also important to share what you learn. While it’s important for you to have followers, it’s critical for you to develop other leaders. Leaders who develop leaders invest time in sharing what they’ve learned with others. By doing so, you also model the importance of continuing to learn and grow.

Leaders don’t accept the status quo or rest on their laurels. They’re always asking “what’s next?” to grow themselves, their organizations, and their people. Learning and sharing what you learn to develop other leaders is how you make an impact and leave a legacy.


What are you learning right now?

What do you want to learn next?

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

~ John F. Kennedy

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