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Strengthen Your Vision by Setting the Context

by Sonya Shelton

set context puzzleAs the leader of your organization, you understand the context behind your vision and your decisions. It’s part of the environmental considerations you need to understand.

However, not everyone sees the context the same way you do, so it’s important to explain it. To really make your vision come to life, you need to create the whole picture for yourself and for your team.

This is particularly important when you’re talking about change. Setting the context answers the question “Why?” Why should we go in this direction? Why do we need to make this decision? Why are we taking this action?

Describe what success will look like, sound like, and feel like. What will the impact be for your customers? What will people in the organization be saying? Why will applicants say they want to join the organization? What will outside observers be saying about the organization? What’s the impact to your community?

Even when a change is difficult, people can adapt more effectively when they understand the context. The more you can communicate the whole picture of your vision so it comes to life, the easier it will be to ultimately achieve it.



How can you set the context for your vision, strategy, and objectives?

What can you do to help your organization see the whole picture?


“For me context is the key — from that comes the understanding of everything.”

~ Kenneth Noland

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