Problem solving

3 Steps to Solve Problems More Effectively

by Sonya Shelton

Problem solving


You can tell the effectiveness of a leader by the size of the problems they tackle. More responsibility brings greater problems and bigger decisions. If the problem was easy to solve, someone else would have already solved it.

As a leader, you already understand the value of solving problems. Now it’s up to you to help others solve problems more effectively.

Here are 3 steps you can take to foster an environment of effective problem-solving:

1. Build trust with your team so they feel comfortable talking to you if they’re struggling with a problem. If they’re concerned about repercussions from you, they may avoid sharing it with you.

2.  Because you’re already good at solving problems, you also may be tempted to solve them for your team. Instead, avoid the impulse to do it for them and work with them to address problems, along the way building their capability to do it themselves. Problems get solved better and faster at the lowest level possible, so work with people to develop problem-solving skills.

3.  As you grow as a leader, the size of your problems will grow too. It’s critical to continue to develop your process, ask the right questions, and get all the facts to find the best solutions.



How can you develop effective problem solvers in your organization?

How can you improve your own problem-solving skills?

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“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”

~ Henri Kaiser

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