The Power of Consistent Evaluation

by Sonya Shelton

Evaluate every aspect of your organization on a regular basis. To ensure focus, productivity, efficiency, and successful results, everything from your people to your processes to your systems to your priorities to your projects needs to be consistently evaluated.

Think of it like giving your organization a regular check-up to make sure it’s performing at an optimal level. Many executives focus on the most obvious — profit and loss. However, this allows other opportunities to go unnoticed or even avoided.

Use this checklist to set yourself up with an effective evaluation process:

  • Assign the evaluation of the various components of your organization to different people and hold them accountable.
  • Be sure you have the right people and the right number of resources on your top priorities.
  • Objectively review projects on a regular basis.
  • If a project isn’t working, modify it or end it.
  • Get the right data and various perspectives.
  • Remember it’s critical to be objective.

If you need to correct the course toward achieving the vision, you want to have that information as soon as possible. You are far more likely to get it faster if you consistently evaluate every aspect of your organization.



What will you do to consistently evaluate every aspect of your organization?

Who will you assign and hold accountable for the evaluations?

At ELC, we work with our clients to identify impactful areas for evaluation and improvement. If you would like a thought partner to take a look at your evaluation process, schedule a complimentary strategy session with us today and get started!

“Evaluate what you want —

because what gets measured, gets produced.”

~ James Belasco

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