Why Should You Know Your WHY?

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY.” 

~ Mark Twain 

As a leader, you’ve probably heard it’s important to start with “why.” Simon Sinek wrote a whole book about it. In fact, there are over 96,000 books on Amazon on the same topic. But why should you know your WHY? 

In today’s environment, leaders are facing times of uncertainty and rapid changes in both the marketplace and the workplace. More than ever, we need a strong sense of purpose to stay focused and motivated when things get tough. 

But it goes beyond just a “compelling reason” to get up in the morning and keep going through challenges. 


Your WHY is your gift! 

So why should you discover your WHY? 


Finding Your Purpose 

Your why is your purpose – the thing you are most passionate about, what people count on you for, and what you bring to the world. It’s what makes you unique and special, and it gives you a clear sense of purpose. 

Your WHY is the thing you do that gives you a feeling of success. That means your WHY is already inside you. It’s not something to learn or work on. It just needs to be uncovered. 

When you know your WHY, you see yourself more clearly, can focus on what you’re passionate about, and communicate better with others. 

Think about a leader you admire who has had a big impact.  

  • Were they clear about who they were?  
  • Did they have a clear purpose?  
  • Were they confident in it? 


Purpose and Leadership 

When you’re leading others, they want to know that you have a clear sense of purpose and direction if they’re going to follow you. 

How does being clear about your purpose – your WHY – connect to leadership? 

  • You have more confidence in who you are and why you’re here. 
  • You will know where to find your passion. 
  • You can more clearly and authentically share who you are with others. 
  • You connect with other people faster and more deeply. 
  • You can quickly determine where you will have energy and where you won’t. 
  • You can save time by filtering what you want to say “yes” and “no” to. 
  • You can make faster decisions and explain the reasons for those decisions. 


How Do You Discover Your Purpose – Your WHY? 

At Executive Leadership Consulting, we’ve teamed up with the WHY Institute to offer their proprietary assessment that helps you discover your WHY. It’s called the WHY.os. 

The WHY.os is your personal operating system. This tool will help give you the framework to deeply understand your personal purpose and how you can share it with others for stronger collaboration and relationships. 

If you’d like to discover your WHY, simply contact us, and we’ll get you started on your own personal WHY Discovery.



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