Winning Hearts and Minds In The Workplace

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winning hearts and minds
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While you may have heard the expression “great leaders win the hearts and minds of their people,” keep in mind that hearts always come first.

Visionary leaders connect with people on an emotional level. They communicate from the heart and they motivate from the heart. People want to connect on a human level. The heart comes before the head.

So how do you win their hearts? First, go to the places they’re most comfortable. Walk around and talk to people. Find out who they are and what they do. Listen to what they have to say, and connect with them on an emotional level. Then, make the effort to continue building the relationship.

One CEO I’ve worked with eats lunch in the employee cafeteria almost every day. Sometimes he has meetings there. When he doesn’t have a meeting, he randomly chooses a table of employees to join for lunch. He finds out what’s happening in his company, and the employees are loyal and want to help him achieve his goals.


How To Win Hearts and Minds of Employees

The term “war for talent” exists for a reason. The organizations who come out on top are not always the ones offering the best salary and benefits.

As the dynamic between employers and employees rapidly changes, so too does the obligation of companies to manage talent. Approaching this from a top-down perspective is no longer effective as employees now expect their employer organizations to prioritize their experience. The benefits of doing this are significant; they include increased productivity, engagement levels, customer satisfaction and profitability. Organizations that have already implemented these methods are experiencing great success.

3 Ways of Winning Hearts and Minds In The Workplace


1. Communicate the company’s vision in a way that is both inspiring and relatable.

When was the last time you updated your company’s vision statement? If it’s been a while, it might be time for a refresh. A company’s vision should be more than just words on a wall or website; it should be something that employees can rally behind and feel proud to be a part of.

2. Deliver an excellent experience from the start

Every business should prioritize the employee experience throughout every stage of recruiting new talent. Nowadays, job seekers have more options than ever before. If you want them to work for your company instead of a competitor’s, you need to give them a great recruitment experience.

Employers need to have a strong and authentic employer brand if they want to attract the best talent. Candidates not only want to know why they should work for you, but also that your organization’s mission is in line with their values. Organizations cannot simply get away with highlighting salary and benefits – they must go above and beyond by showcasing opportunities like learning and development, career progression, rewards etc., as well as having a positive culture overall.

What many don’t realize is that the story doesn’t end for job candidates who don’t get hired by an employer. Even though only 9% of job applicants will be employed, it’s pivotal to show the other 91%the same level of concern – because they could very well become customers at some point. In fact, their overall experience during the recruitment process might play a part in their future purchasing decisions.


3. Everything Starts With Great Leadership

If an organization wants to create a great employee experience, it all starts with leadership. Leaders set the tone for the entire company and their attitude trickles down to every department and employee.

A study by Glassdoor showed that 50% of employees would leave their job if they had a bad boss. That’s a pretty staggering statistic, which just goes to show how important it is for companies to have strong leaders in place.

Leaders who are able to inspire and motivate their teams are the ones who will create a positive work environment and ultimately help an organization achieve its goals. If you want to win the hearts and minds of your employees, start at the top.


Executive Leadership Action Plan To Winning Hearts

When we help others, we become more powerful ourselves. The best leaders bring out the leader in every person they work with, encouraging them to use their own power. Everyone wants to feel like they are working towards a common goal.

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How can you connect from the heart?

What will you do today to start winning hearts and minds in your organization? 

“Great leaders throughout the ages have won over the hearts and minds of people.”

~ John Kotter




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