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“As you unfold your potential for greatness, you unfold the same potential in others. They will naturally turn to you for guidance and leadership in the way forward, and one day they themselves will be able to provide enlightened leadership to others.”

Deepak Chopra 

Your ability as a leader begins with your own success, but your legacy begins with the success of others. As you grow and realize your own potential, you have the opportunity to help others become successful too. 

As a leader, you know that leadership is something you continue to develop, every single day – a journey with no end. The speed of your success is dependent on your own growth as well as the growth of those on your team – and they will never grow further or faster than you do. 

Consider the legacy you want to leave in your organization… How can you guide others in their growth and development? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Reward Great Performance

How would you like to see your high performers grow and develop to become the next leaders in the organization? 

Celebrate the behaviors you want to see more often. When you discourage mediocrity and reward performance, you create a high-performing culture. Strong performers need to be recognized as such, and they need to be developed even further. 

It can be very impactful to reward your highest employees with raises, bonuses, and perks, especially your highest performing team members. When they are offered higher benefits in recognition of their great performance over an average performer, they’ll feel rewarded. 

While compensation, benefits, and perks are an important part of a rewards system, they’re not the only things that motivate people. High-performing employees want to learn and grow. To reward them, provide an environment in which they love to work. 

Don’t be afraid to have fun when it comes to rewards and recognition. Challenge your team to be creative in the way they reward their teams. Celebrate milestones as a team on the road to achieving the shared vision.  

This is an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments, have fun, and create a great place to work on the journey to success. And if you aren’t sure of the best way to recognize your team’s accomplishments, just ask them. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to share how they like to be recognized. 

Recognize & Develop Potential in Others

Great leaders develop other leaders, so growth and potential become exponential well beyond you and your tenure. 

Use your influence as a leader to recognize the potential you see in others. When you encourage others and show you care about their development and success, you draw them forward even when they face challenges and obstacles. You will always connect with people faster if you put the focus on them instead of you.  

If you believe someone has value, let them know. When you connect with others and show you care, they care too. They want to do a good job, and the shared vision becomes their aspiration. 

You can encourage their development by creating or looking for projects that may offer visibility and opportunities to develop relationships. 

You can also help develop their talents and skills by providing training, coaching, and other learning opportunities. High achievers understand the importance of having a coach or a mentor to help them get to the next level. A coach or a mentor can open up new possibilities, positively shift perspective, and help develop your high-performers’ leadership skills and most valuable talents. 

When you take the time to reach out and create these opportunities for your team, they will be motivated and inspired by your encouragement. Then, as they grow into the next leaders, you can show them how to be the model for others. 

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